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    So, apparently Sony will announce a deal with either OnLive or Gaikai. I am puzzled and can't figure out what's the underlying strategy:

    a) will they add game streaming capabilities to a new line of their TVs? I understand they are struggling against the likes of Samsung et al, but this move would confuse buyers and fragment customers even more;

    b) streaming games will be offered as a service to PSN or PSN+ users? Does not seem a wise move in terms of defending ps3 and vita as high-end hardware products (how long before any competitor with much cheaper hardware will be able to do the same?)

    c) will they replace the remote play functionality? not a chance imho. Remote play is completely anti-economical for them anyways, so no point in promoting it (why have your customers pay once to play on both devices when you can have them pay twice?).

    I am confused
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