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    So we have an interactive harry potter book, and a renamed mobile app.

    Wow. And people said the MS conference was shit.
    MS conference was woeful and Sony one was still better just by showing actual new games.
    They seemed like the same old games, imho...just with new titles.
    What, like most new IPs?
    Yes, you're right...like most new IPs :)

    But NotSoSlim's point was that Sony's conference was better because they showed off new IPs as if MS didn't. MS did show new IPs and theirs were the same old games too.

    Though I personally would prefer to play Halo 4 & GOW:Judgment over Beyond & Last of Us.

    What's really alarming to me is that both Sony & MS usually preview next holiday's games and @ E3 2012, there were none. Also, no Last Guardian, MSG 5, GTA 5 & Doom 4. The only surprise was Ubisoft's Watch Dogs.
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