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    No way!!!!
    I've noticed his posts over the last few days. I think he's just a Microsoft apologist.

    However bad Nintendo's and Sony's conferences were none them can touch MS's in terms of how lazy and predictable it was.
    Explains a lot! How anyone can say wavey hands and a sequel to a shooter, oh, no 2 sequels to 2 shooters plus "timed exclusive content" and a web browser, is better than the other shows can't be right in the head!
    Wow...and I thought you guys were Sony apologists...or maybe you really are intrigued by Wonderbook.

    And why would I need to apologize for greedy corporations?
    I think you're missing the point. They were all shit. It's just that MS's was shitter than the rest.
    And I disagree since I thought Sony had more to prove and failed....point settled.
    I did state earlier that they all were bad.
    At least MS showed some XBLA games while Sony didn't.
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