#9406932, By Big-Boss God Of War: Ascension

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    The demo looked SUPERB, but after finishing all five God of War games I'm kind of burnt out on the franchise. There's some serious fatigue trickling in now and they need to give it a break or better, just end the franchise and move on. I got the same feeling when I played Uncharted on the PSV and Halo on the 360. These "AAA" sequels are coming too thick and fast and it's starting to get ridiculous. The same goes for the Assassin's Creed franchise. I was drained by the time Revelations hit and after playing four sequences in AC3 I cannot be bothered with it.

    I trust Sony to deliver some new and interesting IPs on the PS4 though. I'm sure we'll see yet more sequels to strong brand names but Sony push new IP more than any other console manufacturer in my opinion. Here's hoping E3 brings back some of the magic from the PS1 and PS2 days.
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