#8627145, By the-stax Get Games Go download problem

  • the-stax 23 Apr 2012 18:48:05 18 posts
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    I bought Commandos Complete off Get Games Go the other week, but haven't been able to download it. The downloader gets to CommXPC.exe or something similar, and downloads about 67% of it before giving up.

    I contacted GGG via a Support ticket, and they suggested a number of things such as temporarily disabling my firewall/antivirus and so on. Tried it, made no difference. Tried a few other things like disabling the real time anti virus shields, and add the downloader URLs to an exclusion list to stop them being scanned. Also didn't help.

    Contacted GGG again, who suggested trying through Safe Mode (with networking). Didn't work either. I'll contact them again, but its obviously a tricky one to diagnose.

    Has anyone else had similar problems downloading from Get Games Go? I don't think its necessarily down to the game - one of the theories from GGG was that because the file is an executable, it was getting halted by the antivirus/firewall.

    Any ideas?
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