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    Why not just play and enjoy both like i do ,they both have there positives and negatives, fifa's stats piss all over pes from a great height, in fifa i love finding treats at shit teams.
    I love how players pace can still be high in lower teams and leagues like it should be, in pes mostly only good teams have fast players and in general the stats are a mess.
    But why the fuck can you use edited teams/stats online in fifa, so fucking shit when i play most games and they have messi ronaldo etc , or created player all the time, hate that shit.
    I hate how people only do that fucking r1 shot all the time or spam fucking skills.
    Fuck i also hate how people keep there finger on l1 one two pass looks so shit players all running up the pitch.
    Most the goals are always cut in and r1 curl shot , same shit over and over,or that fucking zidane spin roulette shit.
    The chipping and over the top threw balls are much better in fifa, and it feels more realistic in general.
    But for me pes is still just more enjoyable , and this year the shooting is back (fired a balistic missile with stevie deadhard from 35-40 odd yards that spanked the post, was so sweet), was always the best thing about pes , the sweet goals which make you feel good, still it feels clunky at times (hope thats just the demo)but still scoring a goal in pes is more satisfying than fifa.
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