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    Lyserberg wrote:
    ZizouFC wrote:
    Playing as Germany was funny, while the camera pans across the team singing the national anthem, they get to Neuer and then lil Lahm, who's arm shoots straight through Neuer's body. Shoddy.
    It is because of the different body shapes of the players (one is longer than the other, one is more muscle packed than the other...etc) i'm totally sure that this is a current-gen limitation, and once the next-gen are out, we can expect a dynamic calculation for this stuff.
    2K have got this sort of dynamic animation (or whatever you want to call it) down for their NBA 2K series. Playing My Player (Be a Pro equivalent) as a 5'7" guy (where almost everyone is 6' at the minimum), you really notice it. My all-time favourite example was when I passed the ball to a 7'3" guy, and after he scored and was fouled he came over and fist-bumped me. Our arms hilariously-angled to make it happen, but happen it did. Fist to fist. :p
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