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    Yay!, In the playlist editor there's Konami tracks, Castlevania, Contra etc, perfect.

    On the pitch a few things are bugging me now.

    When you pass to, or the ball goes to, the 'keeper, it doesn't change to him straight away, which is a joke, you can't power up a frst-time kick, you have to take a touch which can cost you a goal.

    When you do a pass, the game sometimes thinks you've aimed at someone else, and the cpu switches to the supposedly intended receiver, and the guy you actually intended to pass to runs away from the cunting ball!

    Finally the dribbling.
    What happened to being able to beat a man with a simple change of direction?
    You can't wrong-foot a defender simply by changing direction anymore, he's stuck to you like glue.
    I used to be able to beat players with movement and perfectly timing the R1 which felt perfectly natural and realistic, now it seems I have to learn skill moves with the right stick which, to me anyway, feels unnatural.
    I'd rather all the skill moves where on the shoulder buttons, or defenders could simply be wrong-footed.

    Stll think it's an amzing game, but these things happen every match and are pretty infuriating :(
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