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    DarthKebab wrote:
    I think also for the first time ever I need to get some songs imported on the Xbox and use them in game, it's shocking this year, they usually have one or two not ear splitting tunes but nothing this year, 8 tracks, repeated after going in and out of menus just becomes irritating.

    Hate that "they call me Welbeck" song too!
    At least the songs are better than last year's ones, which were just ridiculously bad and just some remix and techno shit that distract you from the game rather than immersing you in it, the best soundtrack i've ever heared in next-gen PES IMO was in PES 2009, but this year is better, actually i never felt the need to have iTunes or ZUNE launched in the background. :) Well... it depends more on the mood, if i'm in the mood for some real music i just launch a media player and have fun browsing and editing stuff, but sometimes i don't :D

    And yeah, "they call me shiznik" thing is just... sometimes i tend to laugh because of it, it's a mix of bad lyrics and some weird music...

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