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    DarthKebab wrote:
    The Master League is an extra layer of difficulty over exhibition games etc, its just your technique that's at fast for now, you'll learn though after so e harsh lessons.

    Black boots are a pain but after a game or two you stop worrying about them and start worrying about how bad a player you are at first :)
    All what you're saying is true, i noticed that the ML is a slight challenge improvement over normal exhibition games, after few bad games i'm starting to win, i bought myself some training equipement and i'm willing to acquire some very good players, i'm starting to get the hang of it and the black boots are no more a problem :)
    Look what i've got :
    I know, pretty sweet, didn't decide yet which player i'm gonna pick to wear these, probably going for Fabregas because he's somewhat slower than the others and wearing these will help improve slightly his running ability !
    Also check out these splendid goals, scored on regular difficulty:
    At first the ML seemed to be another dissapointement, but the great gameplay combined with all these new features puts simply the icing on the cake, and i'm loving this more than ever.
    PES 2013 ML
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