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    Although don't expect it ti be as advanced as the next upcoming Metal Gear Solid, they need to get this running above 60FPS (so they can lock it with V-Sync) and 30ish FPS in close-ups so that it can hold it self even with a bunch of highly detailed players on the screen, the comeback of snow is also a pretty cool thing i'm looking foward to.
    So yeah, i missed you guys, missed this thread with all these weird avatars (monkey, boobs... ah you guys are amazing :) ) and i just wanted to update about ML and my final thoughts about the recent update.
    About the ML, as i said, i'm using Barcelona with its real players (initially with all black boots), earned experience points, got some nice boots for all my best players to push their skill potential, my problems with choppy and weak shots of Alexis Sanchez are finally solved, got him some shooting optimized boots as well as a training card, after 10 games only his ability to shoot accuratly and strongly has improved a lot so i'm expecting he'll be just a ... beast by the time season ends up, also i'm pushing PIQUE to be a midfielder and his headers are just... nightmares, and i'm planning to add a Header training card to his training slots so that i can even score from delicat positions and be able to create the difference when Messi and others can't score using their feet... :-P
    All it's left to talk about is the update... i had some serious positive impressions about it in the first place, but some of the negative aspects are starting to show up for me, so... for one thing, goals are extremly hard to score, it's not the players' problem, but it's because goalkeepers are not magically more talented than ever, i mean even a GK from a totally beat up team can totally punch away a 1-on-1 finess shot of Messi, which previously rarely ended up not being a goal, or a long shot from Sanchez which often ended up in and i'm like : "OH YEAH, TAKE THAT!" so yeah, scoring goals is more difficult than ever and it's only at regular, i'm starting to get the hang of it, but versus teams like Real Madrid where they have Casillas it's almost impossible to score...
    I mean sure you might argue that i try longer shots while i should probably get closer to goal before i hit the button but even when it's constructive, even when i'm face to face with the GK, it sometimes just... don't get in, which drives me crazy, and i have no intention to bring it down to amateur, that'll never happen, i'll try to get used to it and hopefully i'll deliver my best against strong teams.
    9 points away from Real Madrid, i'm in real mess... :(

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