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    Waouh, i've fired up Pro Evo 13, (i haven't played for like one or two months) and i noticed that the gameplay is slightly different... did they change something with the new patch ?

    It is much better than it was, and yeah the Copa Libertadores of 2013 is a nice and appreciated addition, you would think that KONAMI will let you wait until the next year... not it's all free it's there and it's very very cool.

    I'm super stoked for PES 2014, i hope it'll put up a pretty good show with Kojima's FOX Engine facing EA Sport's IGNITE Engine :


    I've seen some news saying that it was prerendered, but it could be done for the engine not being stable for real-time rendering... all i can say that such image quality can actually be what next-gen FIFA is heading to, so yeah very very excited to see the next battle.

    And sorry for my shallowy english, i haven't been active in these forums lately and i lost a bit of my english skill. (like if i had any) :)

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