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    Chris_C wrote:
    Fair enough Vermin, I agree with everything you have said there! I was just doing some midnight web browsing, and you know how sometimes you think differently at night.

    I was just slightly annoyed that someone couldn't have an honest opinion without being called spreading "American propaganda".

    I don't know how much time you've spent in the forum or if you just joined recently as your posts indicate but you probably feel as the "Mr know it everything" already don't you? If you had read all of BGIE comments in the past (when he had another name which i'am not sure he picked it at random) as i did, you might not open your big mouth so soon. When he says "we were 6 and one Israeli..." regarding the Columbia accident, or when he says "we've got to bomb those fuckers because..." regarding the Iraqis, you can easily understand that you're talking about a guy who thinks the American way, only about himself, and is racist with everyone else (if you don't understand that read again the quotes above).

    After being flamed by most people in the forum, he apologised. Then, he made some comments on himself having fucked so many girls, that his a millionaire, a model, everybody stares at him on the streets etc. People forgot all that pretty quickly didn't they? Not to mention his opinion on war and Bush "i heard his speech yesterday, i almost got tears in my eyes, the guy is really saying the truth, he does want to free Iraqis from Husein's evil regime...". I wonder did you ever read all these shit chris_c?

    Regarding the Xbox, he was constantly saying how awesome MS console was in comparison to Sony, always. Then he says to me here that actually the PSII is the best console period. And all of a sudden i am the bad guy right?

    Once he said he was leaving the forum, (when he can always change name and come back undetected) all of a sudden everybody became friends with him "oh so sorry to see you go m8", "please don't go Bill". If someone like me says openly "i'm not sorry to see you go" automatically i'm the bad guy eh? Well wrong, i'm candid and i don't forget what he said. It's only natural to have some guys in the forum that you like a lot and others that you don't, but Jesus, flaming someone all the time telling him to fuck off and all that and then all of a sudden becoming friendly with him as if all's forgotten. I know for example that people like BartonFink don't like me and that he will always jump on the chance to flame me but i laugh at him each time he does it cause it's only natural. I don't like him, he doesn't like me either. Fair enough. But it would be better to keep it like that.

    Specifically for the Microsof Vs Sony thing and their service, it's pretty wrong to say "Sony's service sucks, end of story", or "MS service sucks, period". If there are 20 guys on the forum who can complain about Microsoft's customer service being shit, there will be another 20 people claiming the same for Sony. That will always be the case. In any case, if i take it for granted that MS has a superior service than Sony, i've seen more people complaining about problems with their Xbox rahter than with their Playstations. I'd prefer the most reliable of the two (and if it has the worse service, so be it). But i have an Xbox too. I wanted BGIE to expand more on why it was so crappy. His argument was because it just sucks. Pretty robust facts he had there.

    As for that who's "trolling" whom game, you said:

    Chris_C wrote:
    He said something to provoke a respond from Bgie. In other words, he was baiting Bgie to defend his position. Pretty trolly to me.

    Damn, I have just fallen for a troll haven't I?

    By the same token, you said sth again and again regarding me, trying to provoke a response from me. Pretty trolly of you too but now you got one. Before i say you're a fucking asshole, i say read the guys past posts, then talk. Of course now i'm expecting an answer from a guy who has actually been here from the beginning, has read all the threads thoroughly and remembers every quote i mentioned. I'have had enough of it. I said i wanted to scale down my posts or leave the forum for good. That asshole has persuaded me it's the right thing to do. There are some nice chaps in that forum (they know who they are), but some other's stupidity is simply unbearable. I'm disgusted.

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