#8643691, By JetSetWilly Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

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    This is the first UC game I've played and I was pretty disappointed with it overall. The production values are great, it looks amazing and the voice acting is top-notch.

    But I found that the pacing was awful; every single section of gameplay just dragged on and on. Every cinematic chase became a tedious chore by the end of it; each gunfight lasts an age (oh look here's another "big dude" to fight to end this section, and the fight plays out exactly like the other 10 identikit fights before it). In the second half of the game Naughty Dog seemingly couldn't be arsed with puzzles anymore and just turned it into a dreary gunfight slog-a-thon (featuring enemies who can snipe with inifinte-ammo RPGs and throw grenades into your pocket from across the map).

    I thought the gunplay and controls in general were horrible. Why does Drake lurch everywhere like he's had fifteen pints? Why have I got to stand in a pixel-perfect spot and press triangle to pick up ammo for a gun I'm carrying? In terms of third-person controls the game plays like something from 10 years ago. It reminded me of James Bond: Everything or Nothing in that respect.
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