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    I just think it's quite funny that there is a moral outrage here by some of you in regards to certain scenes in the game, but then the rest is fine. I mean, it's all violence isn't it?

    I can see you people writing these huge beautifully written thoughts about the moral implications of the content, nodding smugly at your wonderful grasp of English as you hit the submit button, then turning back to the TV and shooting people through the head, stabbing people in the chest and carpet bombing a load of Arabs.:-)

    You can't complain about one thing and not be bothered about the other. COD is a violent first person shooter. That's what it is. I agree that some of these scenes sound utterly tasteless, but that's what you get when you play ultra violent games. W@W had a horrible bit where a cigar was put out on someones eye and then his throat slashed in full close up, with the sound of gargling blood played up to the max. Black Ops had a scene where you smashed glass in someones mouth and you literally controlled torturing someone by making them chew it.

    Treyarch have given plenty of warnings with their past games as to what they are willing to put in there so you know what you are getting.
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