#9167095, By pauleyc Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • pauleyc 20 Nov 2012 15:43:13 4,548 posts
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    It's the first time I tried CoD MP and oh my, this is certainly different than BF3, at least on the PC. Not much of a team play going on, everyone moving on fast-forward and yesterday I saw someone actually trying to evade fire using bunny hops. /shakes head

    The spawning is all over the place, seems like everybody is just running around the small maps in circles trying to shoot the opponents in the back. Plus the ridiculous knifing! I struggled to get any decent amount of kills using assault rifles, tried the SMGs and suddenly went to 15+ kills per round - I generally suck at FPS but still, it's a huge achievement for me.

    The MP - and CoD in general - is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine, the equivalent of forgettable junk food. At least this time around the ridiculous SP story is relatively bearable (apart from the strike force missions, an extremely irritating and ham-fisted attempt at RTS) and I appreciated the oh-so-realistic cameo of "Secretary Petraeus".
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