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  • Deleted user 20 November 2012 22:16:48
    catterz wrote:
    Bananazniper wrote:
    But it is so inferior to Battlefield in every respect including graphics, physics, teamplay etc it's embarrassing.
    Bananazniper wrote:
    Compared to this Battlefield shooting mecahnics is far more responsive.
    Bananazniper wrote:
    Infact, playing this game makes me appreciate Battlefield more.
    Bananazniper wrote:
    It's like comparing Zelda to Skyrim, you can't do it. They are just different experiences.
    Well done.
    Selective quoting for the win? Try quoting it all to see it in context. As I said, Battlefield is so superior to this game (for me) that you cannot compare them any longer, they are like different genres. Blops2 does what it does well, but what it does I don't want to do.

    I played the multiplayer to death over the weekend, and realised that running around like a headless chicken gets old very quickly. If I want a quick blast of that gamestyle I'll put on the close quarters maps on BF. And those maps are better than the COD maps imo.

    I haven't got a problem with people liking this game as I tried it myself and got to level 50, I'm not a BF fanboy. But I traded the game in with a few others and bought a pair of jeans and a coat yesterday with the dosh. I've never even thought of trading in BF after one year. Each to their own.
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