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    ghostwhistler wrote:
    Nades wrote:
    I have to say this game is all about connection. Otherwise your bullets are just not gonna register! (even when searching for best connection)

    Also, I'm getting bored with the fact that developers insist on over complicating games :/ If you ask people who have played every Halo and CoD game, at least 90% of people would say Halo 3 and CoD4, by far the most simple ones of each series, which makes it less frustrating and more re-playable. I don't get why they put so many over powered air support on CoD games it's just stupid.
    This is the mistake (other than the crappy netcode) they've made: the game is now all about nursing killstreaks which is a big mistake. This is why people camp and resort to cheap tactics. Until they reset the balance, which isn't likely to happen since people clearly like this nonsense, the game's problems (other than the crappy netcode) won't change.
    I don't if we're playing the same game but camping does not really help your scorestreaks, especially in objective modes, you get scorestreaks much faster doing objectives.

    The reason people are camping in BO2 is the same reason in MW3, namely, moving gets you killed. It's the 'anti-camp' spawn logic, so people who stay in one place get overwhelmed by constant enemy spawns but the spawns move with the player so you get flanked all the time while moving.

    The killstreaks in BO2 are tame compared to MW2, every scorestreak in BO2 can be taken down quite easily.
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