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    NeverEatYellowSnow wrote:
    Nades wrote:
    I'm doing the campaign now on Veteran, not as annoyingly hard as the old CoD4 and WaW ones, I remember the many rage sessions ;] hahah.
    I remember completing the campaign on Cod4 on veteran, it use to boil my piss grrrrrr especially that bit at the fair ground in Russia somewhere I think!!
    Favourite part has to be Guillies in the Mist. Loved it. I thought the animation were jaw dropping at the time.
    Hahaha, yeah mate....those 'nades where all over the place!! That mission was a bitch, but I got stuck on the second to last mission I think, I was on it for 6 HOURS! I was such an achievement whore back then, I didn't want to give up lol. Fuck doing that now days.

    Anyways, that was my favourite too, loved it, still think CoD4 has the best campaign out of all CoDs.
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