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    robc84 wrote:
    Agreed. But its not much fun to keep getting owned by the elite players that have been playing since launch. Not a criticism of the game there is just a very steep learning curve for newbies is all i'm saying. Battlefield can only be fully appreciated playing in a squad with friends imo. And my friends are cod players.

    Back to cod, i think they have done some good things with the game like scorestreaks, pick 10 etc but lag and poor map design and spawns let it down. Plus left in the ability to vote for previous map. Why would i want to play the same map twice (looking at you hijacked and raid). Just a pet peeve of mine!!
    It's not that steep a learning curve it's really mostly about having good players on your side. I haven't played in ages but it was usually one team curbstomping the other into dust. Winners stayed on and people switched sides to get on the winning team. Maybe it's changed now.
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