#8664342, By nixc9 help me choose: gtx 570 vs. hd 7870

  • nixc9 4 May 2012 18:10:15 175 posts
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    need to replace my 9800 gx2. So far I've narrowed the selection to the two models in the subject.

    I'll use it only to play games, on a monitor with 1920x1080 native resolution.
    I've found specs, comparisons etc. So I don't really need info of that type. What I really would like to know I could not find anywhere:

    - how about the driver stability and updates? (I've had bad experiences with ATI in the past). Currently running win 7 64 bit
    - is 2Gb memory really that much better at my resolution?
    - is Physix support really that important?
    - don't think I'll ever need CUDA; haven't heard of games using it; am I wrong?
    - should I really wait for something new that will come out soon, that I don't know about?

    As a general attitude, I've been burnt with ATI in the past, and I'd rather stick with nvidia. But I'd like to keep an open attitude...
    Thanks for your suggestions!!
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