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    This thing looks insane. I´ve spent most of my morning reading stories about this mod.
    It uses a 225 sq km map, the servers can take somewhere between 50 to a 100 players right now (it is still in Alpha) and there could be as many as 1500 zombies on the server.
    There is an hunger/thirst system, weapons and ammo are scarce so you have to always be on the lookout for buildings to raid and you need to be quiet so you don´t attract zombies.
    Speaking of zombies, they are fast and they will chase for kms. But they are not the only enemies you have to look out for because every encounter with an human player will be tense, not everyone will be friendly and most will not think twice about killing you to get your stuff and once you´re dead, you´re dead. You will have to re-enter the server and get a different character.

    Here are a few videos showing it off :

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