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    Metalfish wrote:

    What's the availability of vehicles? I'm guessing pretty damn limited, though one of the above vids shows a pretty damn impressive raid team using a chopper.
    They are rare and they are all broken at first, you need to collect scrap metal, windshields, wheels and other stuff to fix it.

    What's the "base" situation like? I assume you can't just leave your stuff lying around for later, do you stash it or something?
    There is no place you can store something and be sure that no one picks it up. You donŽt lose anything when you log off, youŽll start with the same equipment you had the next time you log in.

    What percentage of players just shoot everything that moves?

    Not that big, shooting attracts zombies and tells other players where you are. Also, if you kill a human player before he shoots you, youŽll get a bandit skin so people will know that you killed before and are less likely to trust you. You should never trust someone completely, donŽt turn you back on them or they will shoot you in the back.
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