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    Bit of bad luck, some bandits came close while I was waiting for a friend who had crashed out. We saw them first but we didn't have a good spot to take them. My friend took an opportunity to take one out but the others got us. They were very happy with the loot they got off us.

    Respawned near the SE tip of the coastline, pretty much the opposite side of the map. The latest version has screwed up item an zombie spawning. I got almost half way across the map and encountered NOTHING. I had the fortune to run into the corpse of a survivor. He had a CZ 550 with ammo and a revolver with no ammo. He also had an ALICE pack rammed with medical goodies. No map or compass, but he did have binos. Tried to continue NW while taking a wide berth of Stary Sobor, the military camp there is a Bandit magnet. However I had been using the Sun for navigation and as it movesd westward my bearing turned northward.

    I ended up in the area of the map with no real landmarks. I found my location when I spotted the tower for Devil's Castle. It was to the SW, I was waaaaay off course. I now made a bee-line to the NW airfiled to meet up with my buddy who had spawned on the South coast and managed to find many a corpse with good stuff on them, during his Northward trek.

    The story goes on from there and I may or may not have shot my buddy, but I did patch him up and my Humanity is quite high now. Got my hands on an AK-74 SU Kobra... nice for up close, bag of shite at distance. I had a bandit in my sights, the bullets all missed. The jammy sod also had desync issues on his side. He logged out though as we had him cornered in one of the hangers.

    Later we found me a much better gun. An M4 CCO SD, with 4 SD mags. A later forage found 4 more SD mags. Perfect for killing animals or clearing zombies without drawing attention.
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