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    I was starting to get a bit bored of either:
    A: Running rings around the zombies, sneaking past them and looting without too much fuss
    B: Getting surprised by Bandits with NVGs

    There isn't much game in between, so I'm so glad the update adds more than just stability upgrades.

    Flares and chemlights now attracting zombies? Man I'm so glad I've got a military flashlight. It doesn't aggro zombies. I know this because I'll be running in the dark when I hear a growl. I stop, turn on the flashlight, and there right in front of me will be a wandering zombie. Even shining it right in his face from 5m doesn't do anything.

    I'm being as careful as I can with my flashlight. When in the open I aim it high so that only the bottom edge of the beam hits the horizon. In towns and buildings I do the exact opposite. The top edge of the beam should never climb up a wall. That way I minimise the chance on a human seeing it. I also suspect that the red light of the military flashlight is harder to spot with NVGs but I have yet to confirm this.
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