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    Almost nabbed a helicopter from some other players.

    Was walking to meet up with a buddy when he says he can hear a chopper. I tell him that I don't hear it. 10 seconds later, I do hear it. It flies past me an altitude of about 150m. I stay in the trees. It flies off. For the next 5 minutes it flies around the area, in and out of my audio and visual range. Then it comes back with its lights on. Is it looking for me? No, but it flies about 400m North and slows down.

    I get my binos out to get a better look. The heli is rocking back and forth wildly, there is only one thing that causes that, hover-mode. There is only one reason to activate hover-mode.

    "He's landing!"


    I give an approximate grid reference to my friend. He's 1 km away and he starts running. I approach the heli as best I can without being spotted. there's a cluster of tall bushes between the target and myself. I'm about to make a dash using the bushes as concealment when I hear zombies. I look around and I see them, there are two of them near me. I can't run, I can only creep. I see a man by the chopper, he's facing East. I can't take a shot, too many zombies. I keep moving.

    "There's a door gunner"

    My friend has reached the tree-line and can see the scene.

    "The guy I see must be the pilot, but I can't run or shoot!"


    I swing around. A hopper is gallumping towards me! But he isn't! He runs past me. I make sure it's not lag, or crappy pathfinding. The hopper continues on his way towards the helicopter. I follow him, he could prove useful. I look for the man, he's gone.

    The helicopter's lights are on and I can hear the rotor spinning up.

    "He's taking off! Take a shot!"

    I hear the crack of my Buddy's DMR off to my right.

    "Missed! Hit the door just below the window"

    The helicopter dusts off.

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