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    I'm waiting for 1.7.1

    Performance and Optimization

    - Reduction/elimination of the new server lag. This is caused by the ArmA2 server expecting immediate response from the central server. Vehicles are the main cause of this, as whenever they are damaged everything stops while the server ensures this is recorded in the database.
    - Bugs fixed that were possibly causing very significant netcode overhead (will need mass-scale testing to verify this).

    Infected Behavior

    - Infected can no longer see/attack through walls.
    - Entirely new mocap'd attack and running animations


    - Additional Idle Infected sounds
    - Revised Attack sounds
    - Many new action sounds, including IV, bandaging etc...


    - This update will REQUIRE the beta patch, so it is worth installing this now and getting used to it.
    - Read up at the BI Forums about the beta patch install. It's pretty easy.

    Current Changelog

    Developer's Note:
    * Requires ArmA2 Beta.

    * [FIXED] Wire Spools, Toolboxes, hedgehog (tank trap) kits not spawning
    * [FIXED] Bodies still being deleted too quickly sometimes
    * [FIXED] No backpacks or medical boxes spawning
    * [FIXED] "No Speaker..." debug report spam
    * [FIXED] Infected spawning too close to players (minimum 30m now)
    * [FIXED] Infected not spawning inside buildings any more
    * [NEW] Infected can't attack through walls
    * [NEW] Infected can't see through objects any more
    * [NEW] Infected visibility increased (but limited by LOS)
    * [NEW] Infected attack range increased (but limited by LOS)
    * [NEW] Infected can cause greater damage when they hit you
    * [NEW] You can hide from an infected chasing you
    * [NEW] Optimized server cleanup routine
    * [NEW] Player body exists for five seconds after disconnect (UNCONFIRMED IF WORKING)
    * [NEW] Infected see based on eye direction, not on body direction as before
    * [NEW] 30Rnd_545x39_AK added to loot table
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