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    Me and my friend were playing the other night and happened to connect to a server just as two guys were walking up a dirt path towards us. We jumped in the bushes either side of the road and since he had a Lee Enfield, we decided to take our chances.

    The first bullet dropped one of them like a sack of spuds and his mate bolted off into the bushes.

    Two days before that, we were raiding a supermarket, both of us with DMR rifles, PDW's and even a set of NVG's. We were 3 days in. I went down as a bullet went through my face and my mate followed shortly after. Neither of us knew where the shots came from.

    The point of this ramble is, killing people on this game is f**king satisfying. More so than any other game I have played recently because it brings up a lot of emotions. Excitement, fear, anxiety, guilt, relief. You know that the person you have in your sights has many unique stories to tell, they have invested days of their life to get that equipment you're just about to steal of them and that makes murdering them feel very 'real'. I never feel good when I loot their corpse, more a kind of satisfying 'dirty' feeling. Like snorting cocaine.

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