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    So I murdered a guy in cold blood for the first time.

    He was just some lone survivor, exploring the NE airfield for loot, minding his own business. He aggro'd a few zombies while approaching the hangars but was able to lead them inside and kill them off. Safe, he holstered his pistol, reached for his M16 and set out for the control tower.

    I watched all of this through my scope, from my hiding spot 500 metres away. He was no threat to me, and I had only logged on to check that my equipment was still there after the recent DDOS attacks. 450 metres. He's out in the open now. I position him just between the second and third chevron on my SVD scope.

    The first shot is too high and hits the hangar exterior walls behind him, I can see him double back in panic. The second shot hits him in the leg - he falls. A third shot connects with his shoulder before he hits the ground.

    Murders: 1

    I don't even bother trying to loot his corpse. I make a beeline for the nearest woods, fending off the 2 zombies attracted by the loud sniper fire. Safe in the trees, I log off, not more than 5 minutes later.

    Shit, I think I've just become one of those douchebag sniping campers that kill players for sport and log off at the first sign of trouble. :|
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