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    So urban/bastian/scuz, Falafel, Katt and I were just driving up the road from Electro to Pusta in our little family car, Falafel decides to park the car for a minute to sort out his TS volume. Next thing a shot smashes the glass next to Scuz's head and he stumbles out of the car bleeding but alive. The shot came from a hill next to us. Falafel floors the car and drives it in the opposite direction downhill into some bushes. We all hop out and I start flanking far right to see if I can get a bead on this bastard. By now Scuz has managed to bandage his wound and is also looking for blood. A DMR shot rings out and Scuz says he's been hit on teamspeak. The shot came from close to me, in some bushes further up the hill. Thankfully Scuz is low on blood but alive - the sniper doesn't finish the job. Instead he turns his attention to the park car down the hill and Katt and Falafel. He starts unloading every bullet he has into the car. I can see his position clearly now. I flank right behind him and, emerging through some bushes I see him prone on the ground in front of me looking the other way at the car, rifle still firing. The car is on fire at this stage and it's chaos in TS. I put 3 SVD rounds point blank into the back of his head. +1 bandit kill, howbout that.

    We take his supplies and his DMR, bury his body, and gtfo right before he manages to respawn nearby and come back with a friend with an M16. We leg it into the woods with rifle rounds whizzing past our ears. Won't be getting your stuff back this time Mr. Bandit :D

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