#9012022, By dagoberto FIFA 13

  • dagoberto 17 Sep 2012 20:14:31 323 posts
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    I cant get it to run perfect,I got it running almost smooth but with tiny microstutters that some may not notice but do my fucking head in(i loaded up fifa12 360 to check i was not going nuts and it runs perfect no micro stutters), given up now after spending hours with all kinds of shite(rivatuner,d3doverrider ,gamebooster).

    My system is all new(ssd, hd6850)
    Sometimes i feel like throwing the fucking pc out the window, seem to spend more time pissing around with settings than playing games.
    Maybe the game just needs a quad core cpu.

    Shame as its so much clearer in 1080p.
    Glad the shooting has improved , got a sweet podolski thirty somthing yarder.
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