#9023287, By dagoberto FIFA 13

  • dagoberto 21 Sep 2012 17:49:16 323 posts
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    Fucking pc's, really getting sick of them now, tried more and more fixes and nothing, it should run perfect on my system(ati hd6850)
    I just tried the demo on my laptop and it runs smooth on high when my laptop is probably a third of the power (ati hd663o)
    It even ran okish on the laptops integrated hd3000 on medium albeit locked at 30fps.
    I suspect its somthing to do with my graphics card being too powerfull for the game so its downclocking ingame causing stutters, it runs butter smooth for say 10 seconds then stutters for a few seconds and so on annoying as hell.
    But then it doesnt stutter with pes.
    Fuck i should of just stuck to consoles , they just fucking work, no pissing about.
    I only really built this fucker for this and pes.

    Really fucking pissed as i really like this fifa it feels faster and more realistic than pes
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