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    I'm going back to FIFA 12.

    I simply prefer its more sedate rhythmn and tempo, and its sense of weight and momentum, to 13. It feels more like Real Football to me.

    It lets me play more measured games of midfield control and patient, build-up passing. But, with the right players, and with good timing, I can also inject searing pace into my game, when the opportunity for a break arises.

    FIFA 13 only has one gear - kid on a sugar rush. It's less tactical and tug-of-war than 12, more mindless. And less satisfying to play as a result. And it even falls down in terms of FIFA's fabled animations - the transitions in player movement are too quick.

    This is the first FIFA this gen that I honestly don't think is a clear improvement on its predecessor. Because while the improved physics and AI are welcome, the nuance of the game, as played on the pitch, has suffered in my opinion.

    I thought about giving PES 13 a go, but I just can't get past its robotic and floaty physics and animations. It's like some weird combination of playing through treacle, on the moon.

    FIFA 12 it is then.
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