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  • Deleted user 14 October 2012 22:08:26
    shooter wrote:
    any good forums for FUT chaps ? i just started it for the first time and a bit bewildered by the whole thing, is there a way to get some good players in quickly or have u got to play with the default team for awhile ?
    My best advice would be to grind out an easy single player tournament and some seasons matches with whatever dross you've got, then you can easily build a bronze squad that's 100 chemistry or close to it.

    Maybe pick the best player in your squad and build round him, you can easily buy bronze players for 150 coins. Stay away from English players generally as they're way overpriced. My first 100 chemistry squad this year are all irish, except for the swedish keeper. Bought for 1650 total.

    Stick with an unpopular formation like 343 or 5221. The cards are cheap on the market and invaluable for getting them final few chemistry points. Mainly buy guys who are already this formation though, just use the filter.

    Hope some of this help you.
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