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    Sharzam wrote:
    With the build that was given to you you have a solid base so you really dont need to worry for time being. The very top end eg GTX 680 is very powerful but also a large amount of money relative to that performance.

    If you drop down a tier or 2 you get much better bang for buck, however in this bracket its not a worthy upgrade over the 5870 2GB. Just my thoughts.

    On the other hand there is always something around the corner and PC graphic cards are never stuck at one price for long similarly if you wait you will always be waiting. It really is down to do you REALLY need to upgrade now, if you do well all the options you mentioned are good cards but i dont see the point till you find a game you cant push how you like.

    I have a modified GTX 570 which performs close to 580 levels and while not the best on the market it does everything i want. When i cannot run 60fps+ on all the titles i want i will upgrade at which point the GTX680 might be a noticeable upgrade.


    here is a linky to help, remember you want to look for a 3 step increase.


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    Hey thanks for the reply..
    I know I'm generally OK, it's more a case of wanting to future proof myself now, as much as is possible (for the upcoming games) over the next 12/18 months or so, as money is going to be extremely tight (recently married & baby on the way)
    That's of course providing I'm going to have the time & energy to play anything, fortunately (for me) my better half is also a gamer so at least I will be allowed to indulge once in a while.
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