#9512626, By Soul Sacrifice

  • Deleted user 17 April 2013 22:15:43
    I really enjoyed it and think I'll be picking it up.

    Loved the fact there seemed to be an extensive lore about enemies and the overall feeling of a world that seems to have gone to the dogs. Also good to see the necronomicon strutting his stuff after H.P Lovecraft and Evil Dead were done with it!

    Played very much like Monster Hunter only it felt a little arcadier ( in my opinion )
    Can't really judge it from the first few quests but it reminded me a little of The 3rd birthday on PSP small areas filled with mobs and drops.

    Seems as though there'll be a bit of replay value too with Good/Bad/Neutral?? playthroughs.

    Can see multiplayer being a laugh as well.
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