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    hypoBla5t wrote:
    Surely it's been obvious from the get-go that this is heavily influenced by MH if not a straight-up clone? This is pretty much the PSV's answer to MH4. Not sure how people can have been expecting something so radically different tbh.
    I'd say it's more akin to GE, and for me that's disappointing.

    Fast, fluid, but ultimately lacking in depth. Small arenas rather than the split landscapes of MH, or the comparatively sprawling areas of GE. Lightweight, button mashy combat, poor lock-on ranged attacks, and little in the way of strategy required. Big attack ? Shield. Range ? Get close and vice versa. Most of the problems occur in ensuring you have the right spell equipped at the right time, but it eventually boils down to infuriating, time-consuming swapping, especially in MP where the situation changes frequently out of your control.

    Co-ordination is pretty key, and without voice chat or quick text, it's a frenzied mess as everyone wails into something, runs away to heal, and back to hack away. The greatest boon of the ol' PSP/PS3 Ad-Hoc was the voice/chat functions, moreso in MH with trapping, shouting for help and co-ordination.

    As for customising ? A few tweaks and fairly similar stuff that'll hopefully be expanded on, but even gaining the special spell to turn into fire-rock-sphere dude didn't excite me all that much. Trying to figure out what strategy could be played with the Black Arts stuff doesn't seem too rewarding either, but I really like the 'spirit' mode upon death, buffing teammates and nullifying bosses with full details on it's health. Probably the best idea on show.

    It looks amazing, the design and imagination is fantastic, but the mechanics (as I feared) just aren't doing it for me.
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