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    It has lots of areas sectioned off, so perhaps 8 or 9 to a 'level', and each of those is a similar size to one area in SS. God Eater had entire areas about 5 or 6 times the size, but they were all one map. It does feel rather limited in comparison.

    Difference with MH is, there's a greater emphasis on gathering materials and knowing where to get certain items, more varied geography, and basic tactics utilising the terrain, like baiting a horned monster to get stuck, and knowing a monsters behaviour around a map.

    A mini-map/radar/other might've been useful, (if only to guage depth perception and distance which feels off somehow), especially against that Harpy, which felt very cheaty with it's airborne dive attack. Seemed to hit me no matter how far away I was, almost as if it was warping. Felt no different whether I was six paces away or the other side of the area.
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