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    Will have to figure out how to use all these screenshot buttons etc, will be some editing going on here...

    Ok, so far so good. Right, you'll need to build something like this, your basic pez mine cart dispenser.

    So to build that I basically followed this video.

    I first built it exactly as he did it out in the open away from my station to get an idea of how it worked before rebuilding it behind my station and reworking the button system so it was in a convenient place for me. THe main thing is that you try to get the delay switch working so only one cart comes out per button press like in the vid. It's important to remember that redstone won't latch on to a delay switch unless it is heading in a straight line running up to it.

    So, now when I press a button I get a mine cart running into my train station here. Once I'm in the cart I just press the button you can see and I'm off... Whoosh!

    When I return from my travels I come back on the opposite side of my station and my mine cart falls into here...

    Then I hop out, press the button on the wall and the cart falls through the hatch and on to the powered rail below which whizzes up to the top of the pez dispenser, and back into the stack with the rest.

    To cope with T-junctions I use this design that I also found on YouTube...

    I don't rightly recall which video it was but I'm sure it won't take much finding. All of these little contraptions have been great fun to play with, but like I can't take the credit really, just been having too much fun playing with my choo-choos. It's also been really handy for learning how redstone works because to me its just not something I could learn from a tutorial, there are so many clever ways to use it.

    Apologies for the 'MEGA-POST', hope someone finds it useful/fun to use as it took me a while to get the necessary info to do these things.

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