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    AcidSnake wrote:
    I think I've settled on what's next...My mystery project (should take 2 or 3 game-days, but working at night is an option) and then just picking a direction and heading out...Maybe making small outposts along the way...I want to find snow!
    My first world had no snow, and I didn't ever find a pumpkin either. Given these first world problems, I started another seed which I've settled into more now, where I've found a few pumpkins and snow covers many of my nearby zones.

    I keep meaning to join the games of other people, but I'm in the middle of extending the back of my castle under my arboretum - basically a walled field of trees I've been replanting to make charcoal, a ready supply of fuel to bake all the cobblestone into stone for my eventual building projects.

    I had to be rescued from my minecart last night, I'd made a station of switch-operated powered rail that was a V shape, without a horizontal bit of track in the middle, and the minecart got stuck, I couldn't destroy it, or exit from it, and the button activated the track but didn't make the cart move, so psychokitten kindly came into my game and killed me so that I respawned. I felt a right fool, sat there helpless in my cart, begging to be put out of my misery.
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