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  • Zenostar 28 Jul 2012 21:17:26 16 posts
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    Damn... I can't get my head around how people come up with all these extravagant constructions.

    Just bought this last night and all I've built is a wooden shack with a furnace, crafting table, chest and bed in it. I'm only good at digging holes. I've tunnelled all over the place. Explored waaaay more underground than above. When I go outside on the surface it's only really around my house and even then I die quite regularly and have my shack blown up by creepers. Which is something I've been wondering about, actually. Aren't mobs only supposed to come at night? Why are there always creepers about? (total noob question I know).

    My thing seems to be mining. More "mine", less "craft". I have no imagination whatsoever. Having said that I've only put about six or seven hours into my world so far.

    Did people start huge builds right from the beginning or did you all use your first world to sort of wander about aimlessly just exploring and trying to survive?
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