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    Finally got around to taking pictures of Stiva and the EG communities world, I apologise if I missed out important buildings and for some of the shots that are missing backdrops but I had a lot of world hole situations ala;

    Id like to apologise to Brett too as I got creeped just as I exited the watchtower by the farm, I patched it up quickly and the damage is very minimal (ladders went boom) but had no materials + wanted to get the pictures done before i lagged out again, so sorry, I'll try fix it when I'm next on if it hasn't been done already.

    But here we are, a quick tour of the Eggmilf world...

    The view of the village from the highest point of the world:

    Just don't look down:

    Same tower, one floor down, and a view of the rails:

    A view of the church and communal building:

    The desert part of the world, I believe this to be all structures here:

    That's Andy wanting the spotlight in his shorts btw...

    An inside view of the rugby ground:

    Heading back to town from the desert:

    Walking the rails:

    Looking back at the town:

    Look at it glow:

    The docks:

    The lighthouse (just behind the previous picture)

    Finally the most impressive building I've seen in MC..... (bar Andys roads of course)

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