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    ubergine wrote:
    Mobs ride in carts by the way. Perhaps your carts are disapearing from a station which is accessible by hostile or passive mobs?

    I have a track with two ends at one end. One of them is up a very high tower, the momentum from which powered the cart for a long time until I found enough gold. The second one is at the bottom of the tower, just sittin on the grass. A cart left at the top one never seems to wander off but the bottom one, even though it has to go up a one-block slope, tends to disappear. I had read about mobs riding carts before and did finally see a pig get in and ride it away.
    That always makes me smile.

    I was riding a cart from one island to another, the other day. Half way along the connecting bridge a cart with a sheep came from the other direction and nocked me off the track.
    The funny thing was that the sheep kept going and just went off into the distance with a baaa...
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