#8717182, By marc_si Any money in App market for individual developers?

  • marc_si 22 May 2012 01:55:04 324 posts
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    If you're doing it mainly to learn and make a small amount of dosh (ie. not expecting to make a living from it) then I'd suggest targetting 'classic' games - that is board games, card games and suchlike - make a decent version of one which hasn't got a saturated user base and you'll make a small churn of money potentially for several years .... make a few of these games across a number of platforms and you'll actually have a reasonable revenue stream coming in.

    Just my tuppence worth (btw if you're new to programming and want advice should you get stuck or have specific questions feel free to email me at marc.vaughan@sigames.com and I'll try and help you .. do bear in mind however that I am kinda busy and while I'll help with advice & suggestions you have absolutely no chance of me actually coding anything for you).
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