#8717023, By CaptainKid Why should I get Windows 64 bit?

  • CaptainKid 21 May 2012 22:54:16 171 posts
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    I deliberately put this in the PC gaming section because I would like the feedback from gamers.

    I run Windows 7 32 bit and after reading this threadI want to know more about 64 bit Windows.

    I patched it (PAE patch) to utilize all my 4GB of RAM.
    PAE W7 SP1
    I also recently gave Windows 32bit Large Memory Access, so games can use 3GB of RAM instead of the usual 2GB only.
    Skyrim fix
    I'm not quite sure what that all means, I'm more of a monkey sees (reads) monkey does kind of PC tech person. Which worked pretty good actually for almost ten years.

    What are the benefits for me running 64 bit Windows instead?
    Faster RAM access or something?

    What are the downsides for me running 64 bit Windows instead?
    I know compatibility used to be a problem with some (older)programs
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