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    I thought it was good. Not blown away, not disappointed either. Feels very much like a successor to CV3 / 4. I like the fact that there is a dodge mechanic and it's not just whip spam. Loved the sounds the massive red dude made right at the start.

    Didn't like that dagger frisbee, the noise and glowy purple glow make it feel really out of place with the rest of the art direction. It's almost too modern science/electronic rather than gothic magic. I mention this as I wonder if there are going to be any other odd choices in the final build.

    For example, I saw one clip of Alucard grabbing an overhead rail with arrows on it and he did a hand grind thing over to some area. I just thought, where the hell has that come from, it felt really out of place.

    I agree with the checkpoints on the boss. Previously if your ass was handed to you, you'd have to start from the beginning or last save point.

    Apparently (don't know if it's confirmed) the demo is the E3 build that got flack for the framerate and clunky controls, so not the final build that many preview sites were raving about a couple of weeks ago - that is surely a promising thing. Part of the delay was due to the lackluster feedback from the demo David Cox said on some blogs this week.

    I kind of hope that's true, there's something not quite right, it seems very studdery.

    I'm not swayed by reviews, but I'd be interested to read some opinions about the final build before I slap some money down.

    What did you think of the demo?
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