#9391954, By acousticwilliam Castlevania: Mirror of Faith

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    @Dominalien I just breezed throught the demo again. The cutscenes seem to run steady, but in particular places like where you have to climb the tower and prior to that, fight the bats, it feels almost like it skips entire 'frames' that your (well, my) eye can't fill in. Do you get what I mean? So it creates a sort of jerk or judder.
    If it ran like butter I wouldn't notice, but it doesn't and I guess that's why I'm assuming the frame rate is a bit off in places.

    I enjoyed it a lot more this time, made a point of dodging everything - think I had a click moment with the gameplay. Flew through the boss. I did seem to rely on the same combo to deal with all enemies.

    Picking this out of the air I know, and basing it off of the demo I reckon it will get a 7 or 8.
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