#9423891, By acousticwilliam Castlevania: Mirror of Faith

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    Sunk 2.5hrs into this so far. Pretty good, feels like a solid 7/8. First couple of bosses are really great.
    I'm really hoping some of the huge knights just before the Nightwatcher fight come to life later on. Would be a massive shame if they just remain static in the background. Same goes for some of the toy soldier robot things before you join Alucard on the merry go round. Yep that's right Alucard on a merry go round.

    Overarching thing that is pissing me off is the lack of punishment for dying. If you were made to go back to a save point it would make the combat etc far more focused, like it matters to play defensively as well as offensively in a real old school CV way.
    Instead, having a life bar at all feels completely pointless since death doesn't set you back or take away anything.

    It's good though.
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