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    Just finished the Alucard chapter, what a chore. What a nosedive. The 'puffs of air' as wall climbing obstacles. Magnetic hand rails. Electricity hazard platforming. BOSS FIGHT CHECKPOINTS - wtf?
    In a way, by doing that the bosses feel like QTEs because the game just throws you back until you perform 'the right combination' - I know that's slightly exaggerated but do you see what I mean?

    Urh, just want to finish this, Ebay it and then get Monster Hunter next week.

    It's just really weak and average. I've taken my rose tinted spectacles off now and feel like a bit of a dork from reading my first impressions. What is the point in exp in this game? It doesn't mean anything. It's just in there because the majority of games MOF is taking influence from have it.

    I've also just watched the 4 part AVGN Castlevania retrospective which has only added to my negativity toward this game. Mercury Steam? Mercury Steaming-pile-of-dookie more like!


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