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    Japanese demo's out today. Had a quick bash before heading to work, didn't get all the story done. The demo starts in Fukuoka with Kiryu. The extra year between numbered titles definitely seems to have paid off and it benefits from the advanced Binary Domain made; the whole thing now appears to run at full 720p with some pretty hefty AA in the cutscenes and it slows down much less than 4 did. Other changes:

    Going into battles (especially random battles) is much faster, and coming out is quick too; no boring text to skip through with each fight.

    Kiryu's gone mental and has some new Heat moves. I don't seem to be able to slam people into high walls any more, but he's got a really nasty move for enemies who are facing down on the ground.

    R2 now puts you into a 'turbo' mode with a new move set. Hammering X gives you an unending stream of punches now, and the throw it gives you is crazy.

    Missions now seem to appear as markers on the map.

    Loading into and out of buildings is much faster, but still very noticeable. Club Sega lets you play VF2, which looks choppy as it seems to be running at the original 58fps. Runs at 720p though.

    Nakasu, I mean Nagasu looks really nice at sunset. I spent much more time in Tenjin while in Fukuoka, but I do get flashes of memories when I walk past certain places. Was that a coffee shop I went to? Didn't I buy cigars there for my birthday? Stuff like that.

    I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to be playing the demo any more. The game's here in a week and a half. Can't wait, though.
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